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Custom Off-Site Instruction

Our expert instructors will design a personalized program on-site at your home course. Schools and instruction will be catered to your individual needs.

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Fundamentals & Philosophy

The Kapalua Golf Academy staff believes in a highly personalized instructional approach - each student is evaluated and assessed in a way that speaks to both their strengths and weaknesses. It's with this individual attention and focus we are able to optimize the learning curve and implement our Philosophical approach to learning...

Understand it, Train it, Trust it

At the highest level we work to instill in each student a love for the game and a hunger to improve; we know that each individual player learns and reacts to individual motivations and it's through our highly disciplined approach of focusing first on a solid foundation then moving into cause and effect that we find the most success.

Off-Site Instruction

A Kapalua Golf Academy Off-site Program is uniquely crafted as a turnkey approach to teaching and learning. These off-sites can be customized to suit the needs of any group of any size. Our staff will work with you in advance of their visit to design and personalize a program with one (or more) of our expert instructors on your home course or facility. Clinics can include several mini-sessions, a more in-depth overview, play with the pro, or whatever fits the group's needs. Our instructors are experts in teaching the fundamentals of the golf game and most importantly know how to instill a sense of fun into these events.